Greatest Star Wars Characters of all time – Free Game inside a Excel Spreadsheet!

Greatest Star Wars Characters of all time – Free Game inside a Excel Spreadsheet!

Game created for educational purposes demonstrating power of Excel and VBA without the need of advance programming skills and to encourage youngsters into coding and learning.
Give it a try while you wait for Star Wars – Episode 7 !!

Download LATEST Version 2 Here >Unofficial Star Wars Characters Battle Game (Ver 2.01)< (26MB)

Actual HUD:

Unofficial Star Wars Characters Battle Game - HUD

Requirements for Running game:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 (with Office Service Pack 1 or above) – may work on Excel 2007 and 2013 , will not work on 2003 or earlier versions (VBA Marcos must be enabled)
  • A MP3 player needed for sound e.g. Windows Media player , VLC player
  • Windows 7 (file was created running OS Win7 with Office 2010 (Office service pack 1)) –  may also work in Windows XP and Windows 8.
  • and Knowledge of the Force!

[note for Windows 8 users – if you have Windows Media Player as default MP3 player then when playing game, Excel will annoyingly switch to the background. Solutions : play with sound off or switch to using alternative players such as VLC (set to default) ]

For Demonstration on how to play go to YouTube link  / play video below


This File is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. I am not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of this File. You use this file at you own risk. You are free to distribute this game as along as it is distributed for FREE and file is not edited in anyway.

All Pictures and Audio clips used in the game are from Pictures , Video & Audio files openly available on the Internet i.e. YouTube, Google etc. etc