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This site contains Excel Templates for Football World cups.

If you have issues or enquires you can contact us through comments section of this site or email us on smartcoder247contact@gmail.com

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For all Smartcoder247 World Cup excel files we do not provide passwords and do not sell Password licences to unlock nor do we provide access to the Smartcoder247 technology source code used within the Smartcoder247 files. The Smartcoder247 source code remains intellectual property and copy right of Smartcoder247.

When you purchase any Smartcoder247 World Cup file, you purchase the file as is with licence to use the file locked only (like any other commercial software application). No requests for Smartcoder247 World Cup file passwords will be answered.

These are the only official SmartCoder247 sites :

http://excelgames247.blogspot.com   – Main site for Japan 2019 Rugby World Cup Templates
https://smartcoder247.wordpress.com – Alternative site for Japan 2019 World Cup templates (if you can’t access blogger).
https://twitter.com/SmartCoder247  Official Twitter channel

https://www.youtube.com/user/ExcelGames247  – Videos on how to use the World cup templates

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