Upcoming Football FIFA World Cup 2018 Friendlies

Upcoming Football FIFA World Cup 2018 Friendlies


Monday 28th May:

France vs Republic of Ireland
Portugal vs Tunisia
Italy vs Saudi Arabia
Mexico vs Wales
Iran vs Turkey
South Korea vs Honduras
Nigeria vs DR Congo

Tuesday 29th May:

Panama vs Northern Ireland
Peru vs Scotland

Wednesday 30th May:

Austria vs Russia

Thursday 31st May:

Luxembourg vs Senegal

Friday 1st June:

France vs Italy
South Korea vs Bosnia-Herzegovina

Saturday 2nd June:

England vs Nigeria
Belgium vs Portugal
Sweden vs Denmark
Austria vs Germany
Iceland vs Norway
Mexico vs Scotland

Sunday 3rd June:

Croatia vs Brazil
Spain vs Switzerland
Saudi Arabia vs Peru
Costa Rica vs Northern Ireland

Tuesday 5th June:

Russia vs Turkey

Wednesday 6th June:

Belgium vs Egypt
Norway vs Panama
Czech Republic vs Nigeria

Thursday 7th June:

England vs Costa Rica
Portugal vs Algeria
South Korea vs Bolivia

Friday 8th June:

Germany vs Saudi Arabia
Uruguay vs Uzbekistan
Croatia vs Senegal
Iran vs Lithuania
Poland vs Chile
Switzerland vs Japan

Saturday 9th June:

France vs USA
Spain vs Tunisia
Sweden vs Peru
Denmark vs Mexico

Sunday10th June:

Austria vs Brazil

Monday 11th June:

Belgium vs Costa Rica
South Korea vs Senegal

Tuesday 12th June:

Poland vs Lithuania
Paraguay vs Japan

Thursday 14th June = World Cup Opening Game


March 2018 Results:

England 1 vs 1 Italy
Spain 6 vs 1 Argentina
Germany 0 vs 1 Brazil
Russia 1 vs 3 France
Belgium 4 vs 0 Saudi Arabia
Portugal 0 vs Netherlands 3
Colombia 0 vs 0 Australia
Denmark 0 vs 0 Chile
Egypt 0 vs 1 Greece
Iran 2 vs 1 Algeria
Japan 1 vs 2 Ukraine
Morocco 2 vs 0 Uzbekistan
Nigeria 0 vs 2 Serbia
Poland 3 vs 2 South Korea
Romania 1 vs 0 Sweden
Senegal 0 vs 0 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Switzerland 6 vs 0 Panama
Tunisia 1 vs 0 Costa Rica
Iceland 1 vs Peru 3
Mexico 0 vs Croatia 1

Sweden 1 vs 2 Chile
Peru 2 vs 0 Croatia
Mexico 3 vs 0 Iceland
Northern Ireland 2 vs 1 South Korea

Netherlands 0 v 1 England
Germany 1 v 1 Spain
France 2 v 3 Colombia
Argentina 2 v 0 Italy
Russia 0 v 3 Brazil
Poland 0 v 1 Nigeria
Portugal 2 v 1 Egypt
Scotland 0 v 1 Costa Rica
Serbia 1 v 2 Morocco
Ukraine 1 v 1 Saudi Arabia
Greece 0 v 1 Switzerland
Tunisia 1 v 0 Iran
Norway 4 v 1 Australia
Senegal 1 v 1 Uzbekistan
Mali 1 v 1 Japan

World Cup 2018 Calendars & Excel Templates Here

SmartCoder247 World Cup Russia 2018 Excel files and templates


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