Greatest Footballers – Free Game created with Excel!

Greatest Footballers

Free Game inside a Excel Spreadsheet!

Game created for educational purposes demonstrating power of Excel and VBA.

Download Here >Greatest Footballers (Ver 1.01)< (25MB)

Actual HUD:

Greatest Footballers v1 - HUD -SmartCoder247

Requirements for Running game:

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 (with Office Service Pack 1 or above) – may work on Excel 2007 and 2013 , will not work on 2003 or earlier versions (VBA Marcos must be enabled)
  • A MP3 player needed for sound e.g. Windows Media player , VLC player
  • Windows 7 (file was created running OS Win7 with Office 2010 (Office service pack 1)) –  may also work in Windows XP and Windows 8.

For Demonstration on how to play go to YouTube link  / play video below:

(video coming soon)

More Screenshots:

Build your own Ultimate Team!

Build your Ultimate Team - SmartCoder247

The Classic Game Mode:

Greatest Footballers Game - Smartcoder247

Stats and Records:

Greatest Footballers Records - Excel Game - SmartCoder247

Greatest Footballers - game records - excel game - SmartCoder247

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